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I’M DESPERATELY looking for Neymar’s hat, this one in black and i can’t find any site to buy it from so please message me if you know anything at all, or just like this post and I’ll contact you.


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Women are not really welcome in football. Sexism is built into the sport, and it extends from front offices to the bars where women who know to call it football go to watch games. We are assumed to be with our boyfriends. We are met with snide remarks and knowing smiles — we’re only there, obviously, to watch attractive men run around and tussle with other attractive men. No woman could possibly like football the way men do, understand how it’s played, know its history, or appreciate the skill behind James Rodriguez’s goal against Japan or the evil genius of Robben’s drawn foul against Mexico. Forty-three percent of World Cup 2010’s global audience was female, but the people hired to write about, comment on, and narrate this World Cup remain almost exclusively male. The message is clear: only men are real fans; women are fangirls.
—Soccer Needs to Embrace Its Female Fans (x)

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but also


but most of the time


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Yes yes she is adored. A lot.

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to quote hamlet act III scene iii line 92, “no”

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Flawless lady.

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On a scale of 1 to a World Cup in Qatar how bad is your idea

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